About Yadastar

Since 1998, Yadastar has worked closely with Red Bull on various music initiatives. We have created a world-traveling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who make a difference in today’s musical landscape. We facilitate workshops, recording sessions, signature events and club shows in more than 60 countries each year, curating and hosting collaborative music shows with talent in venues as diverse as the London Eye, Barcelona’s Parc Güell, London’s Royal Festival Hall, and Berlin’s Hansa Studios.

Beyond the programming and realization of events, Yadastar has created numerous Red Bull content channels, among them Red Bull Radio. With programming from 40 countries, Red Bull Radio is a 24-hour linear broadcasting service that brings local music scenes to a global audience. Over the last decade, the station has grown into a leading destination for music discovery, offering an unrivaled selection of in-depth interviews with the great musical thinkers of our time, exclusive mixes, documentaries, broadcasts from clubs and festivals and daily reports from the most exciting music scenes around the world.

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